AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing ไอคอน

AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing

  • APP : AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing
  • OS : Android
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AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing

AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing ไอคอนAT-ZONE app is a social network based on geofences. Geofence (we call it zones) is a virtual area that you can arbitrarily designate anywhere on the map.By inviting any person to the zone, you can both receive notifications when one of you enters or leaves this zone.You can create zones for various purposes and invite contacts according to specific interests to each of them.None of the members in the zone will know your exact location in this zone, only the time of the last entry or exit from it.Use secure group chat for each of your zones to communicate with other members, make appointments or share photos.The service can be used both for personal purposes and in the business area.Examples of personal use: Family, friends, leisureIf you often ask yourself: “Where is my child now?”, “What time did the child leave school?”, or “When did the child come home?”, and also sometimes wonder: “Where are my friends?”, but at the same time you do not want to follow anyone and constantly call, then the AT-ZONE app is for you.Create a zone for home, work, school, gym, or other places where you often visit with friends. Invite your friends or loved ones there, and you will no longer need to constantly get in touch with them and ask: “When will you be at home?”, “Are you still at work?”, “Who has already come to the party?” etc. As soon as one of the members enters or leaves the zone, you and the rest of the zone members will receive a notification about this.With the AT-ZONE app, you will always be aware that your child has safely reached school, your partner has finished work and is returning home, and some of your friends have already started a workout at the gym you are visiting together.At the same time, AT-ZONE does not secretly track contacts. Each member accepts the invitation and gives his permission so that other contacts can see him being in a particular zone.Examples of business use: Time and attendance, logisticsIf you are an employer and you need to monitor employees at their workplace, as well as keep track of their working hours, then using the AT-ZONE app, you can easily create a zone of your company's location and see which employees are in place and how long they have been there. The app will automatically register the presence of employees at the workplace and notify you about this if you wish.AT-ZONE can also create timesheets in the form of monthly reports with graphs for your viewing or enterprise accounting.Thus, it will be easier for you, as an employer, to organize the accounting of working hours. And for you, as an employee with a flexible or irregular schedule, it will be easier to register the hours worked.Also, using AT-ZONE, you can track the movement of employees in different work areas. That may be of interest, for example, to logistics coordinators or courier companies.Main features• notifications about the entry/exit of a person from the zone• statistics of visits to geofence and the time spent in a zone• charts for viewing the history of geofence visits• export data in CSV format• group chat in each zone• informative widgets for contactsPrivacyThe AT-ZONE app cannot be used as a stalker or spyware, as you will always be notified of the transfer of your device's data to the server. Accurate GPS position calculations are performed directly on your device. We do not know, do not receive, do not track, monitor, store, or transfer your exact GPS location to third parties. We only receive and store information about when you enter or leave your zones. AT-ZONE is completely FREE! So you can add zones and invite people to them without any limits. The app contains ads that can be removed by subscribing to the PREMIUM plan.For more information visit our website: or contact us at: [email protected]

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