Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate ไอคอน

Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate

  • APP : Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate
  • OS : Android
  • นักพัฒนา : Home
  • หมวดหมู่ : เครื่องมือ

Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate ดาวน์โหลด(APKPure)

Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate ดาวน์โหลด(Google Play)

Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate

Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate ไอคอนClickmate is the app that gives you possibility to record and replay your touch input in apps and games. NO ROOT is required.Record your finger once and repeat it forever.Meet Clickmate and its features:• Record mode: Record and reproduce your touch input as well as system actions like back, menu button, apps button, taking screenshot (available on Android 9 and newer) using built-in navigation bar. Recorded tasks can be easily repeated as many times as you want. What is most important – this mode does not require root!• Combination mode: You can use combinations for connecting recordings together with advanced settings of speed, delays and repetitions.• Manual mode: This is helpful mode for clicking apps and games – select points on the screen, specify action like tap or swipe and do the magic! These action are fully customizable – you can set swipe and tap duration, repeat interval, repeat count and randomize coordinates.• Tasker & MacroDroid support: Enhance your productivity using Clickmate’s tasker plugin and create custom automation flows in Tasker or Macrodroid like never before!• Shortcuts: Launch your recordings faster directly from your main screen.We are grateful for your ideas and advices.Feedback is also welcome!Contact us: [email protected]

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