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Baby Monitor – Babywatcher

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Baby Monitor – Babywatcher

Baby Monitor - Babywatcher ไอคอนBabywatcher is the complete, safe and reliable baby monitor app for mobile or tablet. It has several smart features and an easy to grasp interface. You connect via Wifi or mobile network. The standard version is completely FREE! If you want even more features upgrade to the Pro version.Secure and reliableBabywatcher is a full featured baby monitor with all there is to it and even more. Babywatcher makes sure that you have full control of your sleeping baby. It alerts you as soon as your baby makes a noise. You can also watch your baby using the live video support on Wifi.How it worksYou need two devices. One will work as the watcher device, which should be kept with the parent. The other one will act as the baby device, which should be placed close to the baby. It will act as a noise sensor and will securely surveil your baby's sleep. If the baby device receives a call the watcher device will be notified without disturbing your baby. The watcher device is your interface with the baby. It hides in the background so that you can use your device normally. Yet it will alert you as soon as your baby makes a noise. It is also easy to access the app from the notification bar if you want to check on your baby.Standard and Pro versionBabywatcher comes in two versions: Standard and Pro. The standard version is a fully working baby monitor completely free. The Pro version comes with extra features such as live video streaming over Wifi and “Connect anywhere” using cellular network 3G/4G. The Pro version is also free from ads.Pro Features• 3G/4G mobile connection• Live video streaming over Wifi• Ads freeStandard Features (Free)Some of the features include:• Wizard to ease the setup.• WiFi connection• Automatic detection of baby devices on Wifi network.• Seamless reconnection• Alert notification if connection is lost.• Listen to the baby at any time• Logging of events from the baby crib.• Notifications about incoming calls from the baby device to the watcher device.• Battery and status information from the baby device.• Pause monitor while you are soothing your baby.• Sound indicator that shows if there is any sound and at what level.• Remote trigger level setting, so you don't have to disturb the baby when updating your settings.• Widely configurable with options for customizing dialogs, mic level, baby name and so on.• Smartwatch supportThese are just some examples of what the app can do. The list is intended to grow in the near future!Please feel free to contact us with all your questions and feedback! We will be glad to be at your service! Tell your friends about it and don't forget to rate us!

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