Calendar ไอคอน


  • APP : Calendar
  • OS : Android
  • นักพัฒนา : Home
  • หมวดหมู่ : ประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน

Calendar ดาวน์โหลด(APKPure)

Calendar ดาวน์โหลด(Google Play)


Calendar ไอคอนCalendar is an easy-to-use daily calendar and planner app that provides you with a simple way to schedule your tasks, meetings, and plans. The app includes an event calendar, to do lists, check lists, and a schedule planner. The simple menu allows you to switch the planner between different calender app views as well as create task lists, reminders, and also a weekly schedule planner to give you a clear overview of your schedule. Calendar App Features:? Task List – Create a to do list and tick off the check list when tasks are completed.? Choice of view – See your schedule planner as a 3-day view, week view, month view, and year view.? Week agenda view – See your weekly planner clearly.? Add location – Select a location on a map and add it to your calendar entry? Add notification – Set a reminder to your calendar entry and receive a notification. You decide when the notification is sent.? Add category tags – Include a category to your calendar entry such as birthday, anniversary, gym, workout, out of office, friends or customize your own tags.? Add notes – Write additional details on your calendar entry.? Meeting scheduler – Sync with your Google calendar to schedule meetings with other people.? Reminders – Schedule one-time or regular reminders. You can choose how regularly they recur.? Customizable look – Select light or dark themes and even change the calendar color.? Change the layout – Choose from three different layout options for your weekly planner.? National Holidays – Select which countries you would like to add national holidays from.? Call information – See your latest calendar entries alongside call information after every call. To make a new calendar entry or update your schedule planner, the interface is very simple. Just tap on your chosen day and add an event along with start and finish times. You can then include a location and a category tag. By selecting more options, you can then also add a recurrence to the calendar entry plus additional notes. Simply select the main menu to see the options to customize your calendar view, as well as to create task lists, meetings, reminders and to see your weekly agenda. If you select settings, you can see more options to customize the theme of your calendar app.

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