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Camping Checklist

Camping ไอคอนLot of people have never been to a camping festival before and or camping in general.So we have compiled a list of things to bring if this your first time camping either at a music festival or anything in general.You will not be able to park next to your tent which can suck having to go back and forth to your car, or god forbid something happens to your stuff and you want to sleep in your car for safety.Some items in the checklists have been derived from real life camping experiences for an example"store my food in an airtight nylon bag with a valve on it that can be hung from trees. When carrying food that can be crushed, I inflate the bag which prevents the contents inside from being crushed.""When hammock camping, I make sure there are lines hanging down from my suspension so that when it rains water does not drip down the lines and onto my hammock.""In cold weather, I heat up a bottle of water and take it into my sleeping bag with me."This checklist is ideal for campers, hikers, bush walking, people with kids, stargazers, wildlife enthusiasts, fishing trips and so on. Use this list or modify it to adapt it to what suits your camping trip.

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