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Fake Device Test

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Fake Device Test

Fake Device Test ไอคอนThis app detects fake devices that have modified firmware which conceals the real/actual hardware specifications of the device. Other device testing apps will usually fail to report the true specifications on faked devices because they only report what the operating system tells them, which is fake specifications. This may be the only app on the play store that will report true device specifications because we do not rely on what the operating system is reporting, we find the true specs by running tests. Many tablets being sold on Ebay, and especially coming from China have a modified operating system installed on them that reports fake/inflated specifications. This is being done so that the people who bought them won't know they have been scammed. This application was created to help protect people from this fraud by exposing these devices and showing their true specifications.(Important Update) – We received a report that some of the newer fake devices may be blocking the install of this app in their firmware to avoid detection. This app will install on any device from this play store listing. If you are unable to install this test, then the device itself is blocking the install, which is proof the device is fake and is purposely blocking the install to avoid detection. Such devices should be returned immediately for a refund, because you are being scammed. Everyone should insist on being able to install this test to check their device's authenticity, and demand a full refund for any device that is blocking your rights to do so.The included Full SD Memory Test will identify defective and fake External SD cards. This test is more thorough than other SD memory testing apps because it verifies that every bit in the SD card's free memory space can be both set and cleared. We do this with two passes of test data which will set, clear, and verify that every memory bit is fully functional. Other SD testing apps typically perform only a single pass test, and are only testing half the memory bit states (either set or cleared), and therefore are only 50% accurate and reliable. Running a single pass SD testing app multiple times will still not verify all the memory bit states, because the test data must be specially formulated to set and clear each bit in the memory. Our test does this and is 100% accurate and reliable.We have tested supporting OTG flash drives with the "Full Memory Test", and found that it's not practical to do. The issues we found are:1. OTG flash drives are slow on most Android devices (10-30MB/sec), so they would require long testing times.2. OTG has high power demands on the device battery.3. You can't charge the device while testing OTGThese issues combined, limit the OTG flash drive testing size to about 16GB or less, due to depleting the device battery power on most devices. Since most flash drives that are commonly used today are much larger than this, it makes this testing method impractical. If OTG flash testing becomes more practical in the future, this functionality may be added.

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