Fast Charging - Fast Battery Charger 2020 ไอคอน

Fast Charging – Fast Battery Charger 2020

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  • OS : Android
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Fast Charging – Fast Battery Charger 2020

Fast Charging - Fast Battery Charger 2020 ไอคอนWant to do fast charging of your phone’s battery or want to optimize your phone’s battery so that it lasts longer? Here’s an amazing fast battery charger app that allows your phone’s battery to be charged fast and optimizes your phone’s battery usage so that it lasts longer.Super Fast Charging – Battery Charger 2020 is a free battery optimizer application to save the life of your phone’s battery for free. This is one of the leading and most advanced fast battery charger applications.
With the latest software charging technology, this app will automatically activate when you connect your charger and will boost your charging speed up to 50%.

★How Fast Battery Charger works?★Super Fast Charging will automatically activate when you connect your charger, you just need to click the "START" button to begin boosting your battery charging by up to 50%.Super Fast Battery Charger app will find and stop all applications running in the background that drain the battery. As long as you plug in the charger, we will turn off all battery-draining services such as wifi, Bluetooth, auto-sync, brightness, screen timeout, 3G, 4G… according to user preferences.When battery draining apps are stopped, these are the advantages that you get – • Boost your phone battery charging speed • Reduce your battery heating • Improve your battery’s life and healthIf you want to stop fast charging, then you simply click on the "STOP". All settings will be restored.

★Feature Highlights★Still looking for features that make “Fast Charging – Fast Battery Charger 2020” the best among all fast charging apps? Here are features that make it incredible – ⚡ Fast battery charging – Maximum battery optimizer.⚡ Nice design, simple, easy to use.⚡ Light, without consuming much phone capacity.⚡ Reminder when fast charging completed
⚡ Displays Battery information such as battery temperature, battery voltage, battery capacity.
⚡ Automatically activate fast charging mode.
⚡ Support for over 20 language
s⚡ The app will automatically kill apps when screen is off

All these features on the Fast Battery Charger 2020 app are available for free. So, what are you waiting for? Improve your phone’s battery charging speed and improve your phone’s battery life with the Fast Battery Charger and Battery Optimizer app.FeedbackIf you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please contact us on [email protected] you like our app, please rate us on the play store and share among your friends.

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