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he.net – Network Tools

he.net - Network Tools ไอคอนIMPORTANT: Camera permissions are required for the implementation of the one time password QR Code reader. This app does not use the camera at any other time.he.net's Network Tools by Hurricane Electric.This suite of networks tools implements most of the network diagnostics that you need as a Network Engineer or System Administrator. This is our first version, please help us improve it by giving us feedback.+ Interface Information: Get information regarding your devices current network state.+ ARP / NDP: Resolve either IPv4 or IPv6 network layer addresses into link layer addresses.+ Bonjour Browser: Browser mDNS/ZeroConf services on your Network.+ Device Manager: Lookup local devices' MAC, NETBIOS, IP, and other information.+ DNS lookup: Search for a servers DNS zone records such as SOA, NS, A, AAAA, MX, TXT, and rDNS.+ IP Calculator: Calculate the Netmask, Wildcard, Network, Host range, and Broadcast for a given subnet.+ Iperf (v2 and v3): Run TCP and UDP performance tests.+ MAC Browser: Lookup the vendor name and address of an OUI.+ One Time Password: Add HOTP and TOTP two factor authentication accounts.+ Ping: Send ICMP packets to a single IPv6/v4 address.+ Ping Sweep: Send ICMP packets to an entire subnet range.+ Traceroute: Find the route packets take to reach your IPv6/v4 destination.+ Progressive Traceroute: Get detailed statistics for a given IPv6/v4 route.+ Port Scan: Scan a list of custom or pre-defined TCP ports on any IPv6/v4 server.+ SSL/TLS Analyzer: Inspect SSL/TLS certificates of domain names.+ Whois: Get information regarding domain registration, ASN, IP allocations and more.+ NO ADS!he.net's Network Tools are also available on IOSThe feature graphic is a derivative of "West Texas Lightning Storm" [https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffk/24820923] by jeffk, used under CC BY 2.0 [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode].

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