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Hide Apps – App Hider

  • APP : Hide Apps – App Hider
  • OS : Android
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Hide Apps – App Hider

Hide Apps - App Hider ไอคอนHide Apps is a secret app where you can hide almost anything, such as dating, social, and other apps. Hide Apps tool allows you to hide apps in a hidden space, with their WEB apps.Calculator vault provides you with a private space for hiding private apps.App hider also allows you to use the web app to log in to your second account. Calculator vault provides simultaneously log in to two accounts on your device.Secret calculator can help you to hide any app, and keep your privacy by hiding apps. You can open hidden apps in the Hide Apps or the interface of your Phone.?All hidden apps are web apps, and you do not need to install them on your Phone.?Some of the features of fake calculator:※ Hide Apps in the secure app hider! Secret calculator provides you with almost all web apps. After setting a fake calculator icon and interface, you can use all hidden apps in your secret space.App hider is highly optimized for social apps! Some web apps supported in app hider:⚡ Social AppsFacebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Meetme, OK RU, Twitter, Tumblr, Likee, Telegram, Pinterest, linkedin, VK, Reddit, Meetup, etc..⚡ Shopping AppsAlibaba, Amazon, eBay, Jumia, Olx, Souq, etc.⚡ Media AppsTik Tok, twitch, Flickr, Netflix, Vimeo, Youtube, Poki, Vine, etc..How to use Calculator Vault app:✔️ Find the apps you want on the secret app list✔️ Add it to the app home screen✔️ Enable the fake calculator passwordNo need to install – fast access to all hidden apps – App HiderAll apps provided in Hide Apps are WEB apps, so you don't need to install them.In the drawer, you can find almost all apps – just click away.Hide Apps – Get Two Accounts on ONE PhoneHide Apps also can be used as a parallel space. With app hider you can get dual apps on your Phone, then log in to two accounts at the same time.1. Select the apps you want and log in to your second account.2. Use the second account or privacy account in Hide Apps.3. Two accounts, two lifestyles. ?

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