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HiLo ไอคอนHiLo. An authentic social media platform that allows users to share without fear of judgement. We’re realists. We know from our own experience how mentally draining it is to be bombarded with images from others’ highlight reels. How uninspiring a carefully curated and colour coordinated feed can be. We want to encourage kindness to ourselves and to others through our social media use. Theodore Roosevelt believed comparison to be the thief of joy, and Shakespeare himself thought it to be odious, but we just find it tiring, and a disservice to the self. In short, we want to be there for the good and the bad. To share the peaks, troughs, valleys, highs, lows, sunshine, rain – and everything in between. We want to connect with real people and to encourage authentic expression in a digital space. You’ll notice that our feed looks a little different to most, with multi-faceted posts that capture the highlight and lowlight of your day, week or even month. We want you to connect with others when you’re kicking goals; as well as when you’re feeling beaten down. We’ve disabled the comment function, instead allowing users to react empathetically and in real time to friend’s posts. Essentially, no comments means no trolling. It’s important for us to create a safe space for others to share and to interact. Friends and followers are not the same thing, and we don’t see the need to count either. We want your posts and images to connect you with real people. It’s quality over quantity as far as we’re concerned, and we’d prefer to strengthen friendships and connections to foster authentic relationships that extend beyond the digital realm. That being said, we also understand the need to connect with your nearest and dearest in more intimate settings. The creation of Colonies within HiLo allows for just that. You can sort your friends and feeds into groups such as family, Uni friends and work mates, allowing you to chat freely and check in with those in your inner circle. So, now’s the time to connect. To be inspired; and to be real. Together we can build a community that shares and celebrates the best and worst bits of our common experience. We hope that by encouraging our community to share in life’s ups and downs, HiLo can help to make those dark times just that little bit brighter. Features/Functions: Create a public or private user profile where you can express yourself and connect with friends and family.Construct multi-dimensional posts that capture the highlight and lowlight of your day, including relevant text to embellish your posts. Explore your feed and select your own perspective, depending on your current mood and state of mind. You can choose to browse through highlights when you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, or level up with lowlights when you require a dose of good old-fashioned realism. Respond empathetically to posts. We understand that real reactions are complex and layered, and you are therefore not limited to one emotional response. Check in with friends and chat directly to those in your inner circle through the creation of Colonies. Sort friendship groups into categories such as family, study groups and workmates in order to build and strengthen your communities. Enjoy, connect, be creative, and be kind to yourself and to others.

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