instax mini LiPlay ไอคอน

instax mini LiPlay

  • APP : instax mini LiPlay
  • OS : Android
  • นักพัฒนา : Home
  • หมวดหมู่ : การถ่ายภาพ

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instax mini LiPlay

instax mini LiPlay ไอคอนThis app is exclusively for the Fujifilm instax mini LiPlay camera. You can enjoy the following functions by connecting the instax mini LiPlay and this app via Bluetooth.(1) SOUND (record audio too)Sound recorded by the camera can be converted to a QR code and made into an instax print along with photos taken. The sound can be played back by reading the QR code on the print with a smartphone.(2) REMOTE SHOOTING (shoot remotely by smartphone)Photos can be taken with the camera through operations on a smartphone.(3) SHORTCUT (jump right to the frame you want)Frames selected with the app can be set as you like to the three shortcut buttons on the side of the camera.(4) DIRECT PRINT (print with a smartphone)Photos stored on a smartphone can be sent to the camera to be output as instax prints. Images can be moved, rotated, and zoomed in/out before sending.

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