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  • APP : mymo
  • OS : Android
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  • หมวดหมู่ : กีฬา

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mymo ไอคอนmymo is a personal wearable sensor which measures a runners’ gait and uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to match your running style to all the latest shoes in the market.mymo replaces traditional in-store gait assessments with the latest in digital technology and accurately guides you to buying the correct type of shoes.Access to real-time gait data to help you understand your running gait and what type of running shoe you need to buy.Wearing the correct type of running shoes minimises the risk of getting injured.Connect your mymo sensor to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Insert the mymo sensor into the mymo running sock and follow the on screen instructions.The mymo test is carried out barefoot to give us the most natural measurement of your gait. Pick a long straight road or path with a smooth surface. You can use mymo in the comfort of your own environment, at home, in the gym, at the park or on the track.You can use mymo as many times as you like – your running gait can and does change, particularly if you have been injured or if, for example, you transition from heel to midfoot strike.Our solution is completely unbiased, providing an insight into real-time gait data and running shoe recommendation all driven by our specially developed app.Let mymo help you find your next pair of running shoes!More information available here

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