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Rayyan QCRI

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Rayyan QCRI

Rayyan QCRI ไอคอนRayyan QCRI is a 100% FREE web/mobile application to help systematic review authors screen citations in a quick, easy and enjoyable fashion. With this mobile app, you can screen your reviews on the go such as while you are riding the bus. You can even use the app while offline; once connected, the app will automatically sync back to the Rayyan servers!If you don't have an account on Rayyan (rayyan.qcri.org), you can create one from the app. You start by creating reviews and importing articles to your web account in many popular formats (EndNote, RIS, CSV, …). You can do the screening either from the website or from the app. You can also invite other collaborators to do the screening in real-time with the ability to resolve conflicts.Features:- Sign in to your existing Rayyan account (rayyan.qcri.org) or create a new one- List all your reviews with a quick glance on completeness of the screening- Browse articles in reviews the same fun way you browse your Facebook feed- Download full reviews for offline screening- Spot keywords for include/exclude that have green/red background colors, respectively- Include, exclude (optionally with reason), label articles in an fun and intuitive way- Filter articles by searching in titles, abstracts or authors, and by other fields: inclusion decisions, labels, exclusion reasons, topics and keywords for include/exclude- Set blind screening mode to on/off to control the visibility of your screening decisions to other collaborators- If you like the app, please share it with others We will be more than happy to hear your feedback about the app.You can contact us anytime via email ([email protected]) or twitter (@rayyanapp).Happy screening!

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