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Reposter ไอคอนWe support Reposter app for more than 7 years already to help you share photos and videos with your friends and followersYou don't need to screenshot anymore! HOW TO REPOST:1. Open Instagram2. Find the photo or video you want to repost or download3. Tap ••• button in the top right corner of the post. Instagram reels have ⋮ button in the bottom left4. Select "Copy Link"5. Return to Reposter, we will handle the rest!Repost videosRegram videos you’ve found with your followers. Instagram TV is supported as wellInstagram ReelsReposter also downloads and shares Instagram ReelsShare everywhereAmazing! Now you can not only regram IG videos and photos, but also send them directly to your friends via any messenger: Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp, or any social network you like: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest! Don't let your friends miss a thing!DownloadSave to your phone to view the image or video while in offline. We will create Reposter album in your gallery to store your liked mediaClear watermarksWe don't use awkward dark stripes at the edges of your post like other repost ig apps – our watermark is clean and clear, so the picture remains beautiful as it is. You can use this to add copy rights to your photos.Be safe and secureWe don't store your password or username, we don't ask for them, we don't need them, so you can be sure they won't be stolen.Reposter has lots of features making your experience more interesting and fun:Repost EditorUnleash your creativity and make reposting an art. Add stickers, emojis, texts and your drawings to photos and videos. Share your emotions with friends or make a joke! Crop photos, to focus on what you really want to share.World and Local TrendsExplore what people are talking about – Reposter shows you the latest posts about trending topics in the world and nearby. Find one you care about and repost to share with your followers.Top RepostsCheck what others repost the most to find interesting content and people.Please ensure that the account you are trying to repost from is public.We respect privacy – if the account is private we can't repost from it.The application is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram nor Facebook. Please note that materials published on Instagram may be copyrighted. You are responsible for following Instagram copyright policies.

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