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Samurai Swords Store

Samurai Swords Store ไอคอนUse our app to create your custom Katana or any other samurai swords, download now and enjoy a 3D experience creating your Katana with full control and huge variety of options, modifications and enhancement for your blade. once ready you can simply purchase it through our system, and our master swordmaker will start working on your blade with high attention to details and customization options you have chosen.Stunning Visuals✔️ Beautiful 3D Graphics based on real, beautiful and detailed models..✔️ Real time preview of custom swords✔️ Save models and load them anytime you wantFull Control✔️ Zoom, spin and rotate models✔️ Two different backgrounds while designing your Samurai sword✔️ Fun and easyDiscounts and Special Offers✔️Join the VIP club within the app to receive monthly coupons✔️Hidden discounts for set items✔️Join our affiliate program and enjoy the benefitsThose are the main key features you can select from when building your Katana:Choose Your SteelWe offer a large variety of steel types, all of our swords are full tang and can be either ordered non-sharp, sharp or razor sharp, you can choose the steel types from various carbon contents, such as 1060 carbon steel, 1095 carbon steel, 9260 Spring steel and T10 tool steel. Your blade can be folded to create thousands of layers and a grain pattern on the steel, it can also be clay tempered (differentially hardened) to achieve an authentic hamon line of your choice.FittingBeside the blade, you can choose from hundreds of fittings, which includes beautiful designs of Tsuba (Handguard), Habaki, Seppa, Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki. Featuring animal designs, warriors, nature, mythological creatures and a lot more, all hand crafted from your choice of quality materials.HandleThe Tsuka Ito is the handle wrap of the Samurai sword, a wood handle covering the Nakago with rayskin samegawa and ito wrap of different colors and materials of your choice, either in traditional style wrap or battle style wrap.ScabbardThe Saya is an important part of all Samurai swords, it is the scabbard that is used both to secure the blade and allow fast drawing of the sword by a skilled swordsman, Our collection has variety of materials and colors for your Saya, all are hand crafted and perfectly made to fit with your blade.EnhancementsTo make your sword truly unique, you can choose to enhance it, by selecting some of our unique features like blade with engraved text or image, different polishing styles and even colored blades that has been naturally dyed with acid.AccessoriesAside from the blade you can also choose from our selection of accessories which includes bags, stands and boxes to display your sword with or carry it around.Coming Up in the Next Update:Currently, you can only build a Katana, however there is a lot to wait for when it comes to the next update of the app which you will be able to create all those sword types:Wakizashi – The auxiliary sword of the SamuraiTanto – Short blade for one hand wielding.Nodachi – The great battle field swordNagamaki – Similar to Katana but feature longer handle and more curveNinjato – Straight blade Ninja swordsShirasaya – Plain steel with Natural wood handle and scabbard (Similar to Zatoichi sword)

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