Schutzranzen for parents & drivers ไอคอน

Schutzranzen for parents & drivers

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Schutzranzen for parents & drivers

Schutzranzen for parents & drivers ไอคอนSchutzranzenis the digital warning vest for more safety and visibility in road traffic. With this app designed specifically for parents and car drivers, you will be warned in road traffic when children with the child app are near. As a trusted person, you can receive an emergency message, which also transfers the position of your child. In addition to that, you can receive automatic „Save arrival“ messages from your child for defined locations like home or school.Schutzranzen app for parentsAs parents, you can now lay back and relax, because you always stay up to date weather your children have arrived at their destination and know that, in emergency, they can send you their position. Allows parents to give their child more freedom. Children are glad to not constantly have to call their parents.The most important features:• SOS function• „Save arrival“ function• Family function• anonymous and ad-freeSchutzranzen for car driversAs a driver, you will receive warnings if you come near a child with our protective function. To ensure that all children have basic protection, we have provided 16,000 primary schools with a protection zone.Children send an anonymous position and movement signal with the child app or the GPS tracker. The car driver function warns the driver as soon as a critical distance to the position of the child is undercut. Drivers will then have sufficient time to increase their attention and adjust their driving behavior.The driver function shows your current speed and warns you with an audible and visual signal near schools if you exceed 30 km/h.The 16,000 German primary schools are already equipped with digital protection zones. As soon as you enter the danger zone as a driver, you will receive a visual and audible signal. These "digital school crossing guards" provide children with basic protection throughout Germany immediately.
 Other countries are coming soon!Protection of privacyWe do not collect personalized data. All data will of course be handled with the utmost care and it is of great importance for us to protect your data from misuse. For this reason, for example, all position data is deleted immediately and the entire application is ad-free. For comprehensive information on our privacy policy, please visit technology behind the Schutzranzen appThe child app sends its position to the Schutzranzen Server, where the position data is obscured by activating sectors. This anonymous and disguised information is provided to drivers in the driver app. In this process, no data from the child app is permanently saved. The driver app also sends its position to the server. When entering an activated sector, the driver is warned.Warning: The continuous use of GPS in the background can shorten battery life.Please also keep in mind that the app does not replace careful behaviour in road traffic.In order to be able to offer our service in large areas at some point, your cooperation is required! We are always looking for sponsors for our protection areas. Through your recommendation, more parents will find out about the Schutzranzen app.Further Information:Support: [email protected] Protection: [email protected]: [email protected]

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