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Skeep Jumping

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  • OS : Android
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Skeep Jumping

Skeep Jumping ไอคอนSkeep Jumping registers all your jumping or skipping rope sessions and provides real-time information about your workout. In addition, it offers wide statistics (jump counter, intervals, jumped time, jump speed, burnt calories, total training sessions, personal records…). If you want, you can also share your saved activities in your favourite social network.SKEEP JUMPING ADVANTAGES:- It counts all your jumps. It doesn't lose jumps or overcount them.- It doesn't require presettings. Just open the app and start skipping rope!- Automatic interval detection.- In-depth statistics for all your activities.- Real-time audio feedback.- Personal records log.Skeep Jumping uses your mobile phone accelerometer while you are skipping rope. It supports real-time information and in-depth statistics of all your trainings. If you do crossfit, boxing, martial arts, functional training, Muay Thai, fitness or you simply want to get fit, lose weigth or burnt calories, Skeep Jumping is your App! Rope jumping is a healthy aerobic exercise which combined with a proper diet, strengthen your heart, lungs and bones. Also, it tone your legs, abs, back and arms, and it is less aggressive with your joints than running.If you have any doubts or suggestions, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter:'t forget to follow us to receive latest news and novelties!

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