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Sky Studio

  • APP : Sky Studio
  • OS : Android
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Sky Studio

Sky Studio ไอคอน[Note]This app is not made by That Game Company.It doesn't provide any websites that sharing sheet files.The Sky Studio is a tool to make & practice the sheet music of "Sky: children of the light" simply.1. Compose mode: Create sheet music, and listen to it.2. Practice mode: Practice sheet music.4. Instrument pad mode: Separate instrument pads to play freely.[Compose mode]1. Save & Load the sheet music2. Play & Pause3. Metronome4. Double layer system5. Copy, cut, erase, and delete portions of sheet music6. Select BPM, Pitch, Instrument[Practice mode]1. Load2. Practice system(Repeating a specific section, Hiding key, etc)3. Resize pad, and toggle sheet view mode4. Play & Pause the sheet5. Metronome6. Select BPM, Pitch, Instrument[Instrument pad mode]1. Select Pitch, Instrument2. Resize pad3. Metronome[ETC]1. Cave effect2. synchronize delayed sound[Supproted format]1. Json – Compatible with many other fan made programs, support encryption.2. ABC1/5 – Easy to understand. A1,A2,…,C4,C5 means 15 keys, '.' means delay.3. Midi – Officially used format in music work.[Json – Encryption]The purpose of this feature is to prevent abusing other people's score for automatic playing in the game(macro).Please activate this when you share sheet files at the community.* Sheets directory: Android/data/com.Maple.SkyStudio/files/Sheet* Instrument files directory: Android/data/com.Maple.SkyStudio/files/Instruments

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