WiFi Blocker ไอคอน

WiFi Blocker

  • APP : WiFi Blocker
  • OS : Android
  • นักพัฒนา : Home
  • หมวดหมู่ : การเลี้ยงลูก

WiFi Blocker ดาวน์โหลด(APKPure)

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WiFi Blocker

WiFi Blocker ไอคอนWiFi Blocker will change the way you WiFi and control your home network. Control your WiFi todayWith WiFi Blocker you can -• Schedule, Pause/Block or grant WiFi/Wired internet access to any devices individually connected to your WiFi router super easy! (ideal parental control companion)• Share your complex WiFi passwords super easy!• See all devices using your WiFi with filter options to see who's devices are still switched on past bedtimes, or identify unknown/neighbour WiFi thief's connecting to your WiFi• See all active devices in your house still powered on and connected to your router (that should be switched off, saving you $$ on your electricity bill) – get your kids into better habits of powering down devices when no in use … this app allows you see see at one glance all devices on.• Manage your home devices into person group profiles for easier control• Control from your armchair, or setup schedules for automatic pausing internet at set timesNot all routers are supportedFeatures vary per router model (a couple routers cannot block individually and only per single group across the router, schedules can vary from one across the router to one per device and the type of schedule from hourly grids to from/to times per day, WiFi guest toggle is not always available per router). Images of App used from using a Fritz!Box™® router that has all features available in the app, features may not be present if they're not supported on router or within app.This app is an unofficial 3rd party app to all routers supported.Android Permissions – Requires Location to get WiFi name, and Internet accessBlock WiFi or Wired devices from your Router – best parental control system using your router parental control features, no software installed on devices you're blocking. No ads, Blocks Playstation, XBox, Ninentdo Switch, SmartTvs,.. any devices connected to your WiFi, even your neighbours if they're stealing your WiFiGot Devices that shouldn't be connecting to the internet, block them and get local access only for security (router dependant, some routers block local WiFi, some just block internet).Router comparability list:-See www.wifi-blocker.com for full listSummary:- • ActionTec• Arris• Asus• AVM Fritz!Box (Firmware 6.3+ – 7.21)• Billion BiPAC (firmware 2.32+)• BT Hub/SmartHubs 2, 4, 5 and 6• CBN Compal CH7465 LG/CE• CenturyLink range• DD-WRT (1000's of routers models – requires upgrading router).• D-Link 3782, 3780• EE SmartHub and Bright Box 2• Fritz!Box (Firmware 6.3+ – 7.21)• Hitron Cgnm-2250, Cgnv4, Cgnm, Cgnvm, Cgn3, Coda• Huawei B593, HG622, HG633, HG635, HG658c, HG659• Liberty Global Connect Box• Linksys• Motorola MG7550• NetComm Wireless NF8, NF12, NF17, NF18ac, NL1901ACV• Netgear Nighthawk 6400/6700/6900/7000/7100/7300/7800/8000• Netgear Mobile M1 (MR1100) /M2 (MR2100)• Netgear Aircard• Netgear WNDRv3 models 3400/3700/3800/4500/Orbi RBR40• Netgear XR500, 700• Plusnet One• Sagemcom F@st 5nnn• Sky Hub2, Q, Hub 4 (SR203/204)• Sky NowTv / Tv2• Technicolor routers (dwa0120, dga2231, tg588)• TalkTalk range• Telenet Connect Box• Tenda 300 & AC (F9/F900/others)• Tp-Link Archer C models• Tp-Link model TL-WR841N• Tp-Link model TL-WR840N• Tp-Link model TD-W8961• UPC Connect Box • VirginMedia SuperHubs 1-4• Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub THG3000, Connect HG2500• VPC Connect Box• Ziggo Connect Box• Zoom Cable Modem• ZTE 298

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