Fake Messenger, Prank Chat ไอคอน

Fake Messenger, Prank Chat

  • APP : Fake Messenger, Prank Chat
  • OS : Android
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Fake Messenger, Prank Chat ดาวน์โหลด(APKPure)

Fake Messenger, Prank Chat ดาวน์โหลด(Google Play)

Fake Messenger, Prank Chat

Fake Messenger, Prank Chat ไอคอนCreate fake conversations that looks just like messenger. Free 100%.+ You can easily design fake conversations screens and edit every detail on the screen. This screen will be realistic so that you can easily prank your friends.+ Using this fake chat messenger, prank chat app you can create a fake chat which looks like messenger chat then you can take fake chat screenshot and send it to your friends.+ Prank Messenger application is designed for messenger to create the best fake but realistic and professional message screen in the world.+ You can make fake conversations with your friends! You can make jokes to your friends and also with this app you can easily get rid of difficult situations. You can get the same images as messenger. You can not distinguish the real.Features:- Create fake profile- Setup fake auto reply message for chat story.- Fake chats may be formed with everyone you want to text, photo, audio file.- Control the both sides of the conversation.- You have all the control of the details of the conversation.- Change the status of the conversation.- Change the status and the time of the messages.- Image, video and audio support.- Emojis lists support.- Make and receive video calls.- Take screenshot and share other social and messenger.- Make fake video call to other friends.- Dark mode support.- All function use free 100%.- And more function.Important Note:- This app for fun and prank purpose only, its not related anything official messenger.- The developer has no responsibility for the incorrect use (against the law) of the application.- This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with any other messaging app in any way. This app does not try to compete with or replace the original.- Policy : https://tinyurl.com/yycmtvtc- Contact: [email protected] for use and comment.

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