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Jurassic World Facts

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Jurassic World Facts

Jurassic World Facts ไอคอนJurassic World Facts app has been optimized to support Android 8.1 and above as we begin to roll out our next series of activities and dinosaurs!OVER 200 DINOSAURS TO COLLECTScan the marker under the foot of your Mattel Jurassic World dinosaur figure to see that dinosaur come to life! Collect as many as you can. Hear your dinosaurs roar, stomp, and see their iconic moves! Check them out in observation mode for a full 360° view and watch canon footage of your dinosaur from across the Jurassic World franchise (on select dinosaurs).IN APP VIDEOSStay up to date with our newest videos in the Jurassic World Facts App! Watch the dinosaur battles, music videos, scene recreations and more! 7 ZONES TO EXPLOREExplore the Jurassic World map and make sure to collect dinosaurs in all 7 different habitats, including the new Dino Escape section.LEARN FUN FACTSHow much does a Velociraptor weigh? How much does a T. Rex eat every day? Learn more about your favorite dinosaurs to become the ultimate dinosaur expert.ANSWER TRIVIA QUESTIONSTest your knowledge to earn points and badges! A total of 10 rank titles to achieve, compete with your friends and see who ranks higher!

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