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Lai Siangtho

Lai Siangtho ไอคอนLai Siangtho is 'the Holy Bible' app, and the continuous version of what we have released in 2008 that was saying "somehow we wanna serve resource which may seem any sense with you". There has been a huge improvement, and one of the biggest was developed using Flutter.Lai Siangtho has currently:- New International Version- သမ္မာကျမ်း (ယုဒသန်)- Det Danske Bibel- Norsk Bibel- Luther(German)- La Bible Ostervald (French)- Pathian Laisiangthou (Paite)- Pathian Lehkhabu Thianghlim (Mizo)- Lai Siangtho (Sizang)- Lai Siangtho (Tedim)- Baibal Thianghlim (Falam)- Baibal Thiang (Hakha)- Khazopa Chabu Pathaipa (Mara)- Jinghpaw Common Language Bible- သမ္မာကျမ်း (ခေတ်သုံ)- Matu Bible- Pathen Thutheng BU (Thadou)- Lai Siengthou (Zou)- King James Version- World English Bible- ကမ္ဘာသစ်ဘာသာပြန်ကျမ်း (နေ့စဉ်သုံး)- Bible in Basic EnglishFeature:- Parallel- Bookmark- Search (instant suggestion and result)- Open Source- Offline- Customizable- Elegant- No authentication require- No Ads- FreeAs it is active in develpment, please feel free to rate/write yours review, so that we can bring a better Bible app.

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