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Leica Hunting

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Leica Hunting

Leica Hunting ไอคอนThe Leica Online Ballistic Calculator is now available for immediate use on your smartphone. Use the Leica Hunting App to create and store your personal ballistic profiles and choose your ammunition for it from a database with over 4,500 entries. You can easily transfer the profile you use to your Leica Rangefinder. Add content like your name, the ammunition you use and your weapon to your ballistic profile. This gives you a permanent and perfect overview of your hunting equipment. Use the Leica Hunting App to conveniently programme your Leica Rangefinder from your smartphone. Select all available settings and effortlessly transfer your data via Bluetooth. The following device settings can be conveniently selected on the display of your smartphone:- Metric / imperial units- Desired ballistic profile- Zeroing range- Ballistic settings- Display brightnessWith only one touch of a button, all your settings will be transferred and saved to your Leica Rangefinder. In addition to this, you can choose from four different sub-items under the menu item Ballistic:First create and save your desired profile. If you create a profile for each weapon you use, you will no longer need to change the parameters in your profile, and can select and transfer the profile you need while out hunting. To avoid any mistakes or uncertainties, the Leica Rangefinder shows you the most recently transferred profile at the press of a button. The Ballistic menu contains the following options: – Standard: Choose one of the 12 pre-programmed EU 1–EU 12 curves, or let the system recommend the most suitable curve- Database: Create a new curve with the aid of the more than 4,500 entries in our database. Select your calibre, the manufacturer and the bullet- Own: For absolute precision, create your own, fully-personalised, ballistic curve using the bullet weight, bullet velocity, ballistic coefficients, elevation, barometric pressure, zeroing distance, ambient temperature and the reticle height- Kestrel: Connect your Rangefinder with a Kestrel Elite Weather Meter to gain full access to ‘Applied Ballistics’ – the corresponding correction values will also be displayed on the screen of your Rangefinder.All relevant menu items will be demonstrated and explained to you in the course of a short introductory tour. The Leica Hunting App features day and night modes that always perfectly adapt the brightness of your smartphone display to the ambient lighting conditions.

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