SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura ไอคอน

SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura

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SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura ดาวน์โหลด(APKPure)

SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura ดาวน์โหลด(Google Play)

SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura

SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura ไอคอนSurSadhak is a smart choice for practicing Indian Classical music with built-in instruments like Tabla, Tanpura, Sur Peti, Swar Mandal, and Manjira. It is a free and user-friendly app that lets you do your daily practice or riyaaz by playing percussion instruments offline. The highlighting features of the app are composing, recording, adding tracks, creating songs, listening, and sharing music. How does SurSadhak work?Select musical Instrument(s) of your choice (Tabla/ Tanpura/ Sur-Peti/ Swar- Mandal/Manjira). The app gets you these instruments to play and practice at your convenience.TablaSurSadhak’s Tabla replaces a Tabla player and brings a real Tabla experience. Beginners, as well as maestros, can do their practice with this percussion instrument. Here Tabla has a list of 22 Taals (Teentaal, Ektaal, Jhaptaal etc). You can also adjust the scales (A#, D, G, etc) by using the Tuner section. It’s so easy to fine-tune the scale and adjust the pitch. The short information section displays which taal you’re chosen from the list and at which scale and speed. You can even change and adjust the tempo i.e from 25-300 bpm.Tabla Taal4 beats: Pauri6 beats: Dadra7 beats: Pashto, Rupak, Teevra8 beats: Keherva, Bhajani9 beats: Matta Taal10 beats: Jhap Taal, Soolfaak11 beats: Bhaanmati12 beats: Chautaal, Ek Taal14 beats: Ada ChauTaala, Deepchandi, Dhamaar15 beats: Panj Taal Aswaari/Pancham Sawari16 beats: Teen Taal, Choti Teen Taal, Tilwada17 beats: Shikhar Taal19 beats: Inder TaalTanpura Tanpura comes with three Swar (Pa, Ma & Ni). It is easy to adjust the scales and volume control. You can regulate the volume control for other Indian musical instruments like Sur-Peti, Swar-Mandal, and Manjira.MasterMixer enables the play/pause button.You can use the Composer screen to record and save music. It will be stored in “My recordings”. Recording the music helps you to improve and sing/practice like a pro. You can listen, learn and refine your music. The mic allows recording external sounds/ instruments instantly. It brings a good vibe to your music.Log in with your Google/ Facebook id if you want to compose music.You can add tracks to your song (either by recording or uploading an audio file from the device). It also allows you to add/view notes/lyrics alongside. Just like other social media apps, you can share your compositions with others publicly. You have the option to listen to others’ songs. It may improve your musical skills. Also, you can react by giving them likes/comments.Option for creating favorite songs in a separate list. You can search for songs category-wise like Popular, Latest, etc.You can create a profile in SurSadhak with a name, picture, and biography. SurSadhak creates a real Tabla/Tanpura experience for those who practice Indian Classical music.

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