Zapya Go ไอคอน

Zapya Go

  • APP : Zapya Go
  • OS : Android
  • นักพัฒนา : Home
  • หมวดหมู่ : สังคม

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Zapya Go

Zapya Go ไอคอนStay connected and share with your close friends using Zapya Go. On top of being a convenient file sharing application, Zapya Go allows you to keep a low profile on its new completely private social platform. Zapya Go restricts strangers to send you messages or friend requests and does not generate friend recommendations to you. Only those who you have shared files with before can add you as a friend on this new social platform. Whether it is posting funny photos or a status update, you can safely share with your private circle of friends on the Moments section on Zapya Go without strangers seeing your precious moments. You can also chat with them without worrying about a third party viewing your conversation history when using the encrypted chat feature on Zapya Go Now you can be social on the same app that you use to share files, manage phone contents, and play games!Spotlight Features⚡Encrypted ChatStay in touch with your close friends without compromising your privacy by using the encrypted chat feature. The chat history is cleared as soon as the receiver has finished reading the message to ensure that there are no screenshots of the conversation. ⚡No Login RequiredNo personal information or other social media account is required to login and interact with your close friends on Zapya Go. You can stay anonymous and be in control of your data!⚡Offline SharingYou do not need to have an Internet connection in order to share files using Zapya Go. ⚡QR Code SharingShare and receive files easily with QR codes.⚡Group SharingWant to share files with more than one person? Zapya Go’s Create Group and Join Group features allow you to easily share with multiple people.⚡Remote SendNow you can send files to a remote friend. Just ask your friend to enter a 6-digit password and then you can send files via point-to-point direct connection. If connection gets interrupted, you can resume transfer easily.✔ Certified by Android Go✔ For the application’s complete policy and conditions, please visit:✔ For the application’s complete terms of service, please visit:✔ For the latest news and updates, please visit:

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